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About Us

Surgi Supplies is a leading contract medical device manufacturing company, established in year 1990. With a long association with medical device regulators in Australia  and many other countries Surgi Supplies is known for manufacturing high quality medical devices.  

Medical devices manufactured by Surgi Supplies are supplied in various locations in the world including Australia, Europe, Taiwan, US and Canada. Class I and Class II medical devices of highest quality are manufactured by Surgi Supplies. 

Surgi Supplies is also a importer of a range of high quality branded sterile and unsterile medical devices and hospital consumables which are supplied to distributors throughout Australia. 



Surgi Supplies provides quality medical devices and services throughout the medical device product life-cycle or a single step in medical device product life-cycle. 

Our customers have the freedom to pick and choose services from design and development, assembly of devices, sterile packaging, sterilization and regulatory approvals. 

Surgi Supplies facility has ISO 13485:2016 accreditation. We have the capability of achieving CE certification to your medical devices for supply of medical devices in Europe in addition to supply in Australia. 

Clean Room Class C, AS 1807.10
Complete with full ISO 13485:2016
Quality Management System
With some existing business


Surgi Supplies is an ISO 13485 2016 Quality accredited contract manufacturer.

Class 1 and Class 11 (sterile) medical devices are assembled and packed in cleanroom compliant to ISO 14644.

Medical device supply

Surgi Supplies also operates as importer of medical devices, where a wide-range of high quality, cost-effective branded medical devices are supplied wholesale throughout Australia.   

Some of the most-popular medical devices sold by Healthmed Marketing are Epi-glu, wound drainage products, instrument trays, gallipots, bandages, stethoscopes. 

Areas of Expertise

Consulting on Design, Material Selection, Testing for Compliance, Microbiology, Validation of all processes, Clinical trials.

Medical Device regulatory approvals ​(TGA, CE).


Medical Devices supply chain management

Quality assurance for design, manufacturing and post market surveillance

Clean Room manufacturing (cleanroom grade C)

Device assembly by ISO 13485 trained operators  

Medical device packaging​​​​​ (ISO 11607)

Validated Ethylene Oxide & Gamma Sterilization (ISO 11135)