Quality Policy

Quality Objectives:


  • Surgi Supplies International Pty Ltd is committed to manufacturing of safe, effective and high quality medical devices.

  • The aim of the company is to supply quality products with a quality service.

  • Respond to complaints by acting immediately and decisively, thereby improving our service delivery and company resilience.

  • Identify, report, investigate and resolve all non-conformance and take action to prevent recurrence.

  • This evidently extends the commitment to quality beyond the quality assurance functions of the company including marketing, sales, warehousing, accounts, secretarial, customer relations and management. Management is committed to quality of performance in its broadest sense and this statement is a reflection to that commitment.

  • Uphold regulatory compliance including ongoing review of statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice that apply to our Business.

  • Maintain and calibrate equipment to meet or exceed the applicable standard or statutory obligation.

  • Educate and train our people to continually improve their skills, awareness and knowledge to foster core values in quality excellence and practices

  • To maintain and monitor a culture that supports all of these objectives.

Vision and Goals:

Surgi Supplies International Pty Ltd is committed to manufacturing of safe, effective and high quality medical devices. The goal of the company is to maintain a passion for continuous improvement and continuously improve processes and training related services



Surgi Supplies endeavor to consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations with regards to excellence in quality and timelines, by continuously improving and updating the skills and resources needed for demand, Training and Development.



Surgi Supplies’ commitment to quality is entrenched in the basic philosophy of the company. This commitment encompasses the entire operation; it is not restricted to the product quality but extends to the whole company performance.

The company is committed to comply with the regulations of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and other legislative bodies including Europe, US, Taiwan, Israel. Also, ensures the implementation and maintenance of quality system based upon the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 and seek continual improvements of Quality Management System.


Teamwork, Innovation, Knowledge, Excellence, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Reliability, Adaptability, Accountability, Passion.

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