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Surgi Supplies is a wholesale supplier of a range of low-cost high quality branded medical devices including Surgical Dressings, Tapes & Bandages, Skin Adhesives, Catheters, Plaster of Paris Bandages, Airways, Filters, Stethoscopes, Pressure Infusers, Wound-Closure Strips. Securement devices for Catheters & Tubes. Torniquets, Bed Pans. Full range of  Re-usable Autoclavable Bowls, Instrument Trays, Kidney Dishes, Gallipots.  
EPIGLU-Skin Adhesive

Epiglu skin adhesive is used instead of sutures in wound treatment. Epiglu manufactured by ISO and CE certified Meyer Haake and is registered in TGA, is available for whole sale supply throughout Australia. 

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Medical Plastic Wares

A wide range of Reusable Autoclavable Bowls, Instrument Trays, Kidney Dishes, Gallipots, silicone pads, jugs, washbowls are available for wholesale supply. Polypropylene products and are widely used in CSSD, Operating Rooms and Surgery.  

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Casting Materials

Gipsan Bandages are made of high quality plaster and a supporting guaze. 

It is recommended for all kinds of immobilization of single parts of the body. The modern forms and different sizes of Gipsan products enable quick and qualitative treatment of injuries.

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Wound Drainage & Suction Components

Tubes, drainages and components such as tubing, connectors, spigots and suction bottles used in general surgery are available from Surgi Supplies.

Manufactured by ISO and CE certified MEDICOPLAST International GmbH/Germany, 

in cleanrooms, for over 40 years. 

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Different types of high quality German bandages for various medical purposes are available at Surgi Supplies. 

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Stethoscopes & Sphygmomanometers

A wide range of Stethoscopes, Spygmomanometers and related spare parts including cuffs, bulbs, connectors, bladders for Sygmomanometers are available from Surgi Supplies. ​Manufactured by FDA, CE and ISO certified company Spirit, quality is assured. 

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Dental -  ez DAM®
Dryfield Isolation System

EZ DAM® was designed to be economical to use regularly. At only a small per patient cost, the overall benefits for dentists, hygienists and patients make EZ DAM® a virtual no brainer.

EZ DAM® mouthpieces are designed to provide the optimal level of retraction and isolation of the working field. If you’re like the vast majority of dental professionals, using rubber dam is not high on the list of your favourite things. EZ DAM® delivers the same level of isolation as a rubber dam without the hassles.


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