Site Auditing

The purpose of site/facility auditing is to field verify the compliance of regulation. This audit document provides guidance on reviewing facilities management best practices, understanding essential processes, and obtaining information regarding the cost of facilities maintenance.

Strong technical services across auditing are offers. Surgi Supplies are conveniently able to audit your manufacturing facility, warehouse and Other Entity remotely.

Supplier/vendor Audit

The increasing focus on third-party supplier audits in recent years has been due to: improved supplier due diligence and supply-chain management; an outcry from the public and regulators about the need for transparency and accountability; and, human-rights concerns.​

Surgi Supplies connect you with experienced Consultants who are ready, willing, and able to perform your Suppliers and vendors audit.

Process Audit
Distributor Audit

Most companies are starting to get a handle on where their products and services are coming from (i.e. suppliers and vendors), but are becoming more and more concerned with what happens after their products leave their facilities and are in the hands of distributors. Frequently, formal and scrutinised processes are established and carried out for those acting on behalf of the company and providing raw materials and building components. In addition to these existing audits, the ad hoc nature of auditing the distribution network needs to be addressed.

Surgi's target is to overview your distributors and dealers are complying regulatory requirement.


The Secret To Our Audit Method

The increasing focus on third-party audits in recent years has been due to: improved supplier due diligence and distribution management and compliance of regulations about the need for transparency and accountability concerns.


If you are in need of quick and convenient auditing services, please do not hesitate to contact Surgi Supplies.

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